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An individual tailor-made offer:Following an examination of your skin by Magda Frederik, you will receive a complete set of facial care products each season (4 sets total).Alongside the products which constitute home care, we offer two professional check ins: A Balancing facial at the beginning of the treatmentA Balancing facial treatment spaced 6 months apart from the first treatment (moisturizing, nourishing, balancing, normalizing, anti-aging).Valid until December 31st, 2022.
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Product Description

Magda Frederik Specific Cosmetics is a Canadian cosmetics line made with care from natural, noble, and high-performance ingredients. It is the result of many years of research and testing by one of Italy’s most innovative cosmetologists: Davide Antichi. Each season is different and brings its share of daily challenges to the skin. After several years of research, we have created product ensembles whose particularity is to respond to the specific needs of your skin during each season.

You will benefit from Magda Frederik’s personalized follow-up. During the facial care sessions, she will guide you in the choice of the kit according to the needs of your skin and the season. Each kit contains four exclusive products: cleansing milk, lotion, serum and cream, as well as a detailed user guide that will allow you to dose your products according to your skin’s needs.

This product line is a labor of love, from Magda, a socially engaged entrepreneur who has spent her life committed to helping women take care of themselves. With this line, this commitment extends further. By purchasing this kit, your commitment is trifold. You are committing to an act of self-care as you embark on this restorative journey with your skin. You are committing to helping this fantastic cause that is so very important for our community. You are also committing to reducing your impact on the planet by purchasing products made from ethically sourced ingredients, produced in a carbon neutral way, packaged in Quebec and recyclable. Lastly, you can refill your products in our accredited centres. Our commitment to the environment is becoming yours as well.

To us, the social circular economy is one way forward, a step to re-establishing balance. This is why we named our first kit: Équilibre (Balance).
This is why we named our first kit: Équilibre (Balance).

Join us on this journey! Encourage your friends to bet, it’s a great gift to offer (unisex).

Valid until December 31st, 2022. Coronavirus (COVID-19): When public health will decreed that it is safe to do so.

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