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Conference by Christine Michaud lasting 60 to 90 minutes. Human flowering: positive psychology contributions, her last 4 published books as well as a painting by artist Éric Dupont. Total value of $7000. Reserve before December 31, 2022
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Offered byChristine Michaud
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Product Description

Conference lasting 60 to 90 minutes By Christine Michaud
Human flowering: positive psychology contributions. In person if possible, otherwise via a Web platform. Before December 31st 2022
Do you know that great scientists around the world have been interested for some years in what makes people happy, what allows them to reach their full potential both personally and professionally? Positive psychology teaches that it is not a question of looking at the world in an idealized way, like through pink glasses, but rather to identify the determinants of human fulfillment to favor it and thus create an optimal life experience. This field of psychology aims to better understand what makes life worth living fully. It is the scientific study of forces, optimal functioning and determinants of well-being.
You will also get her last 4 published books: Mon projet bonheur, Une irrésistible envie de fleurir, Il est temps de vivre la vie que tu t’es imaginée, Le Petit Prince est toujours vivant. Value: $ 3 500
In addition you will get a canvas by the artist Éric Dupont : Electrons series, 48″ X 48″, Value: $ 3 500,, To be recovered before December 31, 2022 Total value of $ 7000
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