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Lot 201

Embark aboard 2 LaFerrari valued at over $ 3M each! Valid until December 31st, 2022. Coronavirus (COVID-19). When public health authorities deem it is possible to do so safely.
Winning bid$4,700.00
Winning bidderstéphane Deschênes
Bid time03:49 pm
Offered byLuc Poirier
Bid increment$100.00

Product Description

You will have the chance to take a ride in a convertible Ferrari LaFerrari and a non-convertible Ferrari LaFerrari. Luc Poirier and his wife Isabelle will tell you all about these cars in addition to giving you the experience on board.

Auction History

Auction has finished

The winner of this item is :stéphane Deschênes

Date Bid User Auto
2020-12-16 15:49:14$4,700.00stéphane Deschênes Auto
2020-12-16 15:49:14$4,600.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-16 15:48:48$4,500.00stéphane Deschênes Auto
2020-12-16 15:48:48$4,400.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-16 15:46:31$4,300.00stéphane Deschênes Auto
2020-12-16 15:46:31$4,200.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-16 15:46:20$4,100.00stéphane Deschênes Auto
2020-12-16 15:46:20$4,000.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-16 15:45:23$3,900.00stéphane Deschênes
2020-12-16 11:55:19$3,800.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-16 11:54:43$3,700.00stéphane Deschênes Auto
2020-12-16 11:54:43$3,600.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-16 11:54:23$3,500.00stéphane Deschênes Auto
2020-12-16 11:54:23$3,400.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-16 11:53:59$3,300.00stéphane Deschênes Auto
2020-12-16 11:53:59$3,200.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-16 11:53:22$3,100.00stéphane Deschênes Auto
2020-12-16 11:53:22$3,000.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-16 11:53:04$2,900.00stéphane Deschênes Auto
2020-12-16 11:53:04$2,800.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-16 09:32:52$2,700.00stéphane Deschênes
2020-12-15 16:21:30$2,600.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-15 16:13:57$2,500.00S.moreau
2020-12-15 16:13:28$2,100.00Martin Gagné Auto
2020-12-15 16:13:28$2,000.00S.moreau
2020-12-15 16:13:01$1,900.00Martin Gagné Auto
2020-12-15 16:13:01$1,800.00S.moreau
2020-12-12 19:52:07$1,700.00Martin Gagné
2020-12-08 16:37:48$1,600.00S.moreau
2020-11-11 19:24:06$1,500.00Martin Gagné Auto
2020-11-11 19:24:06$1,400.00Emile Cloutier
2020-11-11 19:23:24$1,300.00Martin Gagné Auto
2020-11-11 19:23:24$1,200.00Emile Cloutier
2020-11-10 16:25:40$1,100.00Martin Gagné
2020-10-30 22:30:37$1,000.00Jean-François Cloutier
2020-11-02 00:00:00Starting bid is 1000$