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Lot 200

Ferrari dream package ! Exclusive visit for 10 people of a 25 exotic cars private collection and race in a professional simulator ! Book before December 31st 2022
Winning bid$3,600.00
Winning bidderJimmy collerette
Bid time09:29 pm
Offered byLuc Poirier
Bid increment$100.00

Product Description

Exclusive visit for 10 people of a 25 exotic cars private collection. You will have the chance to ask your questions and see all the cars up close! Afterwards, you will race one hour in a $70,000 Ferrari simulator. The winner of the race can then saber the champagne and savor his victory! Valid until December 31st, 2022. Coronavirus (COVID-19). When public health will decreed that it is safe to do so.

Auction History

Auction has finished

The winner of this item is :Jimmy collerette

Date Bid User Auto
2020-12-16 21:29:51$3,600.00Jimmy collerette Auto
2020-12-16 21:29:51$3,500.00Marc-André Simard
2020-12-16 21:29:36$3,400.00Jimmy collerette Auto
2020-12-16 21:29:36$3,300.00Marc-André Simard
2020-12-16 21:29:02$3,200.00Jimmy collerette
2020-12-15 18:44:08$3,100.00Marc-André Simard
2020-12-15 18:37:22$3,000.00Jimmy collerette
2020-12-15 18:31:28$2,900.00Marc-André Simard
2020-12-15 18:30:58$2,800.00Jimmy collerette
2020-12-15 18:28:34$2,700.00Marc-André Simard
2020-12-15 18:18:35$2,600.00Jimmy collerette
2020-11-27 17:22:54$2,500.00Marc-André Simard
2020-11-10 22:13:01$1,600.00Francois Chouinard
2020-11-10 22:12:22$1,500.00SÉBASTIEN DESFOSSES Auto
2020-11-10 22:12:22$1,500.00Francois Chouinard
2020-11-10 14:49:09$1,400.00SÉBASTIEN DESFOSSES Auto
2020-11-10 14:49:09$1,300.00alex
2020-11-10 14:41:50$1,200.00SÉBASTIEN DESFOSSES Auto
2020-11-10 14:41:50$1,100.00alex
2020-11-10 09:21:38$1,000.00SÉBASTIEN DESFOSSES
2020-11-01 00:00Starting bid is 1000$