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Lot 215

Make a dedicated donation to give air purifiers as a gift to schools at Christmas.
Starting bid$10,000.00
Bid increment$500.00

Product Description

Make a dedicated donation to fund ten classes in a school in an underprivileged area Make a dedicated donation to fund a class in a school in an underprivileged area in the installation of air ducts and fans to allow young people to attend classes in a safe and healthy environment.
The Biopur device destroys airborne viruses, bacteria, mould and germs as well as odours. Using a UV process, this air purifier can clean up to 800 square feet and is portable. It will reduce the spread of the virus in schools in the winter, while allowing young people to continue to be on school premises. We believe that attending face-to-face classes promotes school perseverance. Moreover, in a document on VIDOC-19 and its transmission indoors, Public Health reports on studies that demonstrate the importance of properly ventilating enclosed spaces.

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